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Making Safety Simpler

Ocean Time Marine provides vessel owners and operators with safety management system (SMS) resources and services to improve safety culture and stay safer at sea.

Vessel safety management system templates and resources to create a better safety culture for your maritime operation.

The Safety Management System templates are a powerful Safety Management solution for commercial domestic maritime operations and super yacht managers and owners. While the templates give you control of your own SMS, their focus is on providing an easy-to-use, interactive document to get you to the end of writing your SMS. The templates will guide you in documenting a safety framework for your vessel and your commercial maritime operation.

The SMS templates are designed for use in commercial fishing, shipping, fishing charter, work-boats, ferries, commercial yachts and charter yachts.

Now you can easily produce a fully-functional and regulatory-compliant safety management system for your maritime operation without the need for expensive consultants.

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Vessel Safety Management System (SMS) Templates

Our team of industry leading marine surveyors, naval architects and marine engineers developed the interactive Safety Management System (SMS) templates specifically to assist with USCG compliance. We understand how the maritime industry operates and the challenges of compliance and safety management for vessel operators and owners.

After recent major marine casualties and recommendations from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the U.S. Coast Guard is poised to propose new regulations for domestic passenger vessels. These recommendations include evaluating the potential use of Safety Management Systems to improve safety on passenger vessels.

Following major incidents, the Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Act of 2004 reclassified towing vessels as subject to inspection and established requirements for safety management systems. U.S.-flag towing vessels engaged in pushing, pulling or hauling alongside are all subject to Subchapter M of the Code of Federal Regulations.

Theses interactive SMS templates make it easier for all owners and operators to implement a Safety Management System that meets the requirements of 33 CFR part 96. The templates will guide you in customizing the SMS for your operation and are available for single vessels, fleets, passenger vessels and superyachts. Choose a template to learn more.

Single vessel SMS template
Fleets SMS template
Passenger vessel SMS template
Superyacht SMS template

Maritime Safety News and Insights.

Each month, Ocean Time Marine’s team of experts contribute to the latest insights and analysis, setting the agenda and leading the discussion on vessel safety management.

Safety Management System requirements for Commercial Vessels

Safety Management System requirements for Commercial Vessels

A breakdown of domestic commercial vessel safety management system requirements from Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada and the United…

Autonomous vessels – Disruption on the way for the Maritime Industry

Autonomous vessels – Disruption on the way for the Maritime Industry

With a myriad of emergent new technologies on the horizon of the maritime industry, such as autonomous vessels, it is…

Cheeki Rafiki update – Owner receives suspended sentence

Cheeki Rafiki update – Owner receives suspended sentence

Mr Justice Teare has called on the maritime regulatory authorities to tighten the rules governing the inspection of yachts. The…

Wearable tech to transform saftey at sea

Wearable tech to transform saftey at sea

Norwegian start-up technology firm ScanReach is set to redefine safety standards at sea with In:Range, a unique system capable of…

Forms and Checklist Packs

The interactive PDF safety forms and checklist packs further simplify the management of documentation by allowing vessel operators to complete, monitor and respond to safety processes aboard. The professionally designed forms and checklists in the packs can be printed for distribution or filled out on your computer. 

The safety document packs also contain essential safety resources and are available in four specific vessel collections: Vessels up to 8m, Superyachts, Fishing trawlers and Passenger vessels. Choose a pack below to learn more.

Vessel Checklists Permit To Work Forms
Permit to work forms
Vessel Checklists For Fishing Trawlers
Safety Checklists for Commercial Fishing Trawlers
Vessel Checklists for Vessels less than 8 metres
Safety Checklists for Vessels < 8M
Vessel Checklists for Vessels less 8-24 metres
Safety Checklists for Vessels 8 – 24M
Vessel Checklists for Vessels greater than 8 metres
Safety Checklists for Vessels > 24M and Superyachts
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