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AMSA Levy And Fees For Australian Domestic Commercial Vessel Operators

AMSA have released the Draft fees and levies for Australian domestic commercial vessel operators. This will have an impact on the industry, and you have the ability to have a say here Who does this affect? The National System levy and fees will affect DCV owners, operators and seafarers.

This includes business owners and employees, vessel operators and seafarers working with DCVs such as:

  • passenger vessels including tourism, diving and fishing charters, ferries (car and passenger), water taxis, inland operations, steam and sail vessels
  • trading vessels including research, emergency response and rescue, freight and cargo vessels, tugs, barges, dredges and workboats
  • fishing vessels including trawl, long line, pot/trap, netting, diving and aquaculture vessels that catch or farm prawns, barramundi, crab, lobster, abalone, oysters, mackerel, scallops, tuna, whiting, coral trout, king fish and bêche-de-mer
  • hire-and-drive vessels including houseboats, jet skis and sailing vessels.

Ocean Time Marine has developed a Safety Management System (SMS) Software / Template to assist commercial vessel operators in writing a SMS. The Marine Safety (Domestic Commercial Vessel) National Law Act 2012 places the safety duty on the owner to implement and maintain a safety management system that ensures that the vessel and the operations of the vessel are, so far as reasonably practicable and safe.

Lack of compliance can result in significant fines or prison for up to 2 years.

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