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Safety Checklists for Vessels < 8M

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This collection of interactive PDF Safety Checklists, Forms and Safety Resources for small vessels is designed to help vessel owners and operators manage maintenance, reduce risk and promote safety. The pack includes Boat Safety Equipment Checklist, Pre Departure Checklist, Planned Maintenance Checklist and a Risk Register Template.

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Safety Checklists for Vessels < 8M

Improve safety management with this set of interactive safety forms, checklists and resources your can print and display or use on Mac or PC with Adobe® Reader or MS Office.

Maintenance List - Trailer (INTERACTIVE PDF FORM)
Safety Equipment Checklist (Open Boat) (INTERACTIVE PDF FORM)
Safety Equipment Checklist (Decked Boat) (INTERACTIVE PDF FORM)
Planned Maintenance Record and Report (INTERACTIVE PDF FORM)
Risk Register Example (MS WORD DOCUMENT)
Risk Register Instructions (MS WORD DOCUMENT)
VHF Marine Radio Channels (STATIC PDF)
Pre-Departure Checklist (INTERACTIVE PDF FORM)

Please note, these are safety management documents designed to improve safety and not a full safety management system. Please see our Safety Management System (SMS) template for a complete Safety Management System solution.

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