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Vessel Safety Flip Chart

AUD $59

Get the latest version of the Safety Flip-Chart from Ocean Time Marine – including PU, leather-bound compendium and 16-pages of quick-reference emergency procedures suitable for all vessels and operations.

The Emergency Procedures Safety Flip Chart is customisable for your own vessel and an essential resource to keep aboard for quick guidance in an emergency and a valuable safety tool when inducting new crew.

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An essential on-board safety resource.

Keep the flip-chart somewhere visible. The emergency procedures contained in the vessel flip-chart provide quick guidance in an emergency and provide a valuable tool when inducting new crew into safety aboard the vessel.

1. Vessel Details

Record vessel details and key safety contacts.

2. Crew Responsibilities

Record vessel details and key safety contacts.

3. Person Overboard

Details safety procedures for person overboard.

4. Collision / Grounding

Safety procedures for avoiding collisions and what to do if it happens.

5. Severe Weather

Actions to take when encountering severe weather.

6. Fire

Actions to contain and extinguish fire.

7. Flooding & Bilge Pumping

Procedures for flooding and bilge pumping.

8. First Aid / Medical Emergency

First Aid plus type and location of first aid kit.

9. Abandon Ship

Instructions for abandoning ship.

10. Disposal of Garbage & Waste Oil

The correct methods for garbage disposal.

11. Anchoring

Instructions for anchoring plus type and weight of anchors.

12. Crew Briefing

Checklist to brief the crew before departure.

13. Distress Broadcasting

Guide for distress signals and radio communications.

14. Refueling & Oil Spills

Refueling and spillage guides plus maritime authority contact details.

15. Pre-Departure Checks

Checklists for equipment safety checks and tests.

16. Vessel Layout

Space to add your vessel layout drawing.


You can customise the flip-chart by writing in vessel specific information, including:

  • Vessel details
  • Emergency response numbers
  • Emergency radio frequencies
  • DPA, Owner and Master’s numbers
  • Crew responsibilities
  • First aid kit locations
  • Anchor types
  • Vessel layout

Please note, these are safety management documents designed to improve safety and not a full safety management system. Please see our Safety Management System (SMS) template for a complete Safety Management System solution.

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