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How the Sydney Heritage Fleet use the Dashboard from Ocean Time Marine

Operating a Fleet of nine vessels on Sydney Harbour is extremely challenging. Over the last 10 years we have developed appropriate Safety Management System (SMS) as required by NSW Maritime/Roads and Maritime Services in paper form. As we are all aware the Safety Management Systems have become, due to legislation, increasingly demanding for crew and the Designated Person Ashore (DPA) to keep all of the documentation valid and current as required by the Regulators.

Record keeping of Risk Registers, Hazard Reporting, Safety Audits, Record of Emergency and Operational Drill, Defect Reports, Engineer/Deck Logs, Pre-Sail/Shut-Down Checks and Procedures, Confined Space Permit, Safe Work Method Statements and Hot Work Permits are just some of the required documentation required to operate a vessel safely and compliant. To find a maritime specific system that holds all of these documents in one easy accessible place, electronically, had proved to be challenging until we discovered Ocean Time Marine Dash Board.

Managing a Fleet of this magnitude requires many hours of planning and understanding of Maritime Law, Regulation and the correct procedures for a safe operation. Carrying passengers is high risk and in the case of the unlikely event of collision or fire the consequences are potentially catastrophic. With the understanding of these risks it is paramount to have all the Certificates of Survey and Operation and Crew Certification valid and current. Dashboard provides this tool to remind the owners and operators when each certificate expiry date is due.

The ability to check records from anywhere is brilliant. A good example of this was the first time the James Craig had her offshore overnight charter. The Engineers completed all of the pre-sail checks and voyage Log Book electronically and after the first shift the Chief Engineer saved both the Pre-sail Check List and Voyage Log Book page into Adobe® Document Cloud on the James Craig iPad Air 2 (Telstra Connected). At that time, I was at home (Sunday) and the vessel was eight nautical miles off Sydney North Head. Within moments I was able to read all of the Main Engine and Auxiliary vital instrumentation recordings on my iPad Air 2 via Adobe® Document Cloud which the Engineering Team on James Craig had recorded. We have six iPad Air 2 and all of them are linked via the same email address which allows all of them to have the same Adobe® Account. This mean that each time we update the Adobe® Document Cloud with a new document the other five iPad Air 2s are synced.

Combining the Ocean Time Marine Dashboard and Adobe® cloud storage, we have developed a powerful way of managing our Fleets Safety Management System. We keep our all our required Documentation Templates in Ocean Time Marine Dashboard, which allows the Engineers and Masters to then open, example the Voyage Log Page and complete all of the recordings or check lists. Once the document is complete we can either email it or send it to your cloud.

The Ocean Time Marine Dashboard is a brilliant and a cost effective system to keep all of your Maritime/WorkCover Certificates and working SMS documentation for your crew and the Designated Person Ashore (DPA)

Tim Drinkwater
Fleet Operations Manager
Sydney Heritage Fleet

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