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Committed to helping the maritime industry develop a stronger safety culture - at sea and ashore.

Ocean Time Marine has been helping maritime owners and operators create cost-effective vessel Safety Management Systems since 2012.

Offering innovative safety solutions, services and resources for the commercial vessel industry.

Ocean Time Marine is built on our people. Our team of Captains, Naval Architects and Marine Engineers develop quality Safety Management Systems in an acceptable format for Industry and government authorities alike. We work in a positive culture characterised by a commitment to teamwork. It is our diverse experiences, skills and knowledge that ultimately deliver success in our mission to make safety compliance simpler to achieve.

We believe that no task is so important that it cannot be done safely – we believe that all companies can transform their safety costs to a profit centre.

Ocean Time Marine

Improving Maritime Safety with Innovative Digital Solutions.

Ocean Time Marine’s SMS templates and resources are used globally and have been customized for many industries including commercial fishing, shipping, fishing charter, workboats, and ferries. Our SMS products are designed to scale to any size of operation.

Making safety simpler

The guiding principle of our product development has always been to make safety and vessel management simpler! Our products are designed to go beyond regulatory compliance by making safety management easier to understand, communicate, manage and implement.

A higher standard

Our innovative solutions go beyond just compliance with regulations and standards to actively work to reduce risk, improve performance and promote sustainable development and a better safety culture.

Customer service

We bring a personal and effective solution to every user of our Vessel and Safety Management System products. That’s why our customers love us and why they keep recommending our solutions to others.

Customer Feedback

Robust safety framework documentation

I’ve found transferring our previously bloated SMS to the framework is a comparatively easy process. It’s worth the money for us for the time and resources saved on our end.

Does the required job very well

The Oceantime Marine SMS software has taken the hassle out of developing our SMS for our new vessel. The software was easy to use the other tools also included were very useful as well. The end product looks great and very professional.

Saved heaps of time

I needed a SMS to comply for my commercial fishing and fishing charter business, and this as saved me a heap of time and money. I’d definitely recommend it if you don’t have the time or the knowledge to write it.

SMS Template

Am very pleased with the template, this has saved hours of work, I now have a very well presented system which is easy to work and update as required. Highly recommend.

Helping To Create A Safer Culture At Sea

Marine Surveyors and consultants are able to assist you with compliance, auditing and developing a SMS for your vessel no matter how big or small.

Ocean Time Marine offers innovative solutions that go beyond simple compliance with regulations and standards, thereby reducing risk, improving performance and promoting sustainable development. In consultation with our people, we strive to maintain a safety culture that focuses on:

Empowering People To Hold Safety As A Core Value
Effective investigation of all incidents and applying controls that prevent a recurrence
Seeking continuous improvement in systems and operational practices
Responding to concerns, incidents, injuries and emergencies in a timely manner
Implementing programs to create a continuing high level of awareness
Quality safety leadership at all levels in the organisation
Maintaining processes for identifying hazards and controlling risks; Reducing and eliminating unsafe behaviours, conditions and operational processes

Safety Consulting

Our Marine surveyors and safety consultants take the time to understand your needs carefully analysing where you are right now and where you want to be in the future Helps you identify improvements that can be made and quantify the benefits to you Works with you to implement the agreed safety solutions.

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Ocean Time Marine
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About Ocean Time Marine

A global leader in Safety and Vessel Management Digital Solutions

We are committed to helping seafarers aboard vessels and all others involved in any aspect of maritime safety with greater control, accountability and solutions that help to stay compliant and safe at sea.

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