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Marine Consultants and Surveyors

Ocean Time Marine, your trusted partner for Marine Surveying services. Our dedicated team of highly qualified professionals is committed to delivering reliable and exceptional services for both private and commercial vessels. With a specialisation in Super yachts, Ocean Time Marine Surveyors seamlessly blend expert technical knowledge with a deep understanding of our clients’ unique needs and expectations.

A comprehensive range of independent marine surveying and consultancy services.

Our team comprises a diverse range of experts, including naval architects, marine engineers, and commercial specialists. Each member brings their specialised knowledge and expertise to every project we undertake, ensuring a multidisciplinary approach that enables us to offer a comprehensive suite of services in-house. Our commitment to professionalism and efficiency is unwavering.

Brittany (France), Nice (France), and Palma De Mallorca (Spain). This strategic positioning allows us to efficiently conduct surveys throughout Europe and the UK.

Comprehensive Marine Surveying Services

At Ocean Time Marine, we offer a comprehensive range of technical services to meet your marine surveying needs. Our services include:

Yacht Surveys: Our expertise extends to in-depth yacht surveys that provide you with a clear picture of your vessel’s condition.

Marine Consultancy: Our team is available for expert marine consultancy services to address your specific challenges and questions.

Pre-purchase survey

We conduct thorough pre-purchase inspections to empower you with vital information to make an informed purchase decision. It’s a non-destructive inspection of the vessel to check its condition, check its systems for basic operation and adherence to applicable regulations and standards. The three main reasons to do a pre purchase inspection before you buy any new or used vessel. First, to determine the value and overall condition to set a fair purchase price; second, you may use the appraisal from a to provide to your insurance company in order to obtain a marine policy; and thirdly, to alert the new owner to possible future maintenance or repair concerns that they can’t see, that they should factor into their decision to buy or not buy any particular boat. The pre purchase inspection includes the following:

  • A comprehensive in and out of water inspection of the vessel’s structure and condition
  • Hull internal inspection of the hull structure
  • Inspection of the decks and deck equipment
  • Inspection of the machinery and systems on board
  • Sea trials
  • System trials
  • House system inspection and functionality tests
  • Inspection and operational tests of the vessels safety systems
  • Inspection of maintenance records

Insurance / Condition and Valuation

Trust us for precise and detailed insurance assessments.

  • Assessment of the vessel condition and structural integrity
  • Inspection and operational tests of the vessels safety systems
  • Qualified valuation based upon the vessel condition and market forces

New-build and refit inspections

From overseeing new constructions to supervising refits, we ensure the highest standards are met.

  • Assessment of the standard specifications and client extras
  • Planned inspection schedule
  • Milestone and stage payment inspections
  • Launch and commissioning trials
  • Pre-delivery sea trials and quality control
  • Acceptance and handover inspections and trials

Project Management

We assist Owners, buyers, yacht brokers and shipyards by offering our expertise in project management of new builds, repairs, refits, valuations and consulting. We guide our clients through complex processes with specialist advice and technical support.

We offer our expertise in project management of new builds, repairs, refits, valuations, technical and organisational audits, and consulting.

We guide our clients through complex processes with specialist advice and technical support. Our extensive experience is complemented by seamless efficiency that ensures a perfectly smooth process for our clients.

eCMID Logo  eCMID Inspections

The Common Marine Inspection Document (eCMID) provides a standard format for inspection of offshore vessels, including large ships right down to smaller workboats.

The purpose of this process is to provide a structure for the audit, or inspection of commercial vessels used in the offshore industry, conducted by vessel inspectors working on behalf of owners or clients. The aim of the eCMID system is to provide three measures of vessel safety and environmental assurance; the safety of personnel; the protection of the environment; and to visually assess the internal integrity of the vessel’s hull (watertight integrity). The inspection is planned and undertaken in liaison with the vessel owner and completed by our competent and accredited eCMID vessel inspector.

Contact Ocean Time Marine Today

When you choose Ocean Time Marine, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to the success and safety of your vessel. Contact us today to discuss your marine surveying needs. Our team is ready to assist you, no matter where your maritime journey takes you.

Call +33 (0)7 45 48 15 18 to make an enquiry or booking today.


For Australian and New Zealand enquires or bookings please contact

Requests for quotes to be actioned within 12 hours. All completed (PDF) survey reports to be with the client within 2 working days.

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Excellence in Marine Surveying with Ocean Time Marine

At Ocean Time Marine, we’re committed to delivering excellence in marine surveying services. Our approach is flexible and dedicated, ensuring that every project receives the utmost attention and expertise. We provide thorough, concise, and in-depth analyses of vessel conditions, accompanied by clear and constructive recommendations. This dedication to excellence has solidified our position as industry leaders in marine surveying.

Trusted Since 2007

Ocean Time Marine (OTM) has earned its outstanding reputation through the trust of our valued clients. Our professionalism and transparent communication processes have fostered long-term relationships built on reliability and excellence.

Quality Assurance

OTM operates under a certified Quality Management System (QMS) accredited by DNV to ISO 9001 standards. Our commitment to impartiality and business integrity is unwavering. We conduct all our business dealings with the utmost professionalism and impartiality, ensuring our clients’ trust is maintained.

Industry Recognition

All Ocean Time Marine Surveyors are proud members of the International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS), an internationally recognised institution dedicated to promoting and upholding professional marine surveying standards. Our surveyors are not only institute members but also continually engage in Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to stay at the forefront of industry best practices.

Advancing Safety and Integrity

Leveraging extensive experience and close collaboration with industry stakeholders, including designers, builders, and regulators, Ocean Time Marine excels in providing services to both commercial and private yacht owners. Our focus is on enhancing safety, ensuring reliability, and maintaining structural and mechanical integrity in this specialised industry.

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