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Ocean Time Marine Sponsors The Mission To Seafarers

Ocean Time Marine is proud to support the Mission to Seafarers. Both organisations share similar business goals in improving safety at sea. The Mission to Seafarers Victoria (MtSV) first began in the Port of Melbourne in 1857, caring for the wellbeing of the seafaring community. Today seafarers rely on these facilities in ports around Australia and the world.

Life at sea is isolated and often dangerous, so whilst the on-shore facilities and services are designed to support visiting crew during their shore leave, it is also the hospitality, welcome and community that the Mission to Seafarers provides that impacts the wellbeing of seafarers still today.

The MtSV advocates that the services provided by the Not for Profit sector, assist in reducing the impact of seafarer fatigue, and in doing so, works to ensure our oceans and coastlines are in safer hands. We all require rest and recreation, a place for respite and the connectivity that comes through community engagement.

If you are interested in supporting seafarers’ welfare as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility program don’t hesitate in contacting the Mission today. All donations are tax deductible and sponsorships are also available.

Become a supporter today. Visit or contact to find out more.

Ocean Time Marine can play an important role in ensuring life at sea is safe.

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