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Wearable tech to transform saftey at sea

Norwegian start-up technology firm ScanReach is set to redefine safety standards at sea with In:Range, a unique system capable of locating anyone on a vessel or offshore installation in real time. The plug and play technology is deceptively simple, easy to install, low cost and, according to the team behind it, could save countless lives at sea.

With In:Range ScanReach has solved a problem nobody else has. The firm has created a system and technology capable of sending and receiving data signals wirelessly through any structure, including steel. Utilising a combination of advanced radio technology and intelligent software algorithms and protocols, signals sent from bracelets worn by crewmembers are picked up by sensors that simply plug into standard power points. This data is then transmitted to screens on the bridge or, during incidents, to emergency services, land-based facilities or nearby ships.

The result is a real-time overview of the exact location of all personnel, negating the need for lengthy (and often dangerous) searches and ensuring that those that need assistance receive it as quickly as possible.

“InReach is Superman,” states Arild Sæle, CCO, ScanReach. “Plug it in and suddenly you can see through walls to know exactly where your crew are located and how to get to them quickly if they need help. From saving individuals to conducting entire vessel evacuations in a fraction of the usual time, this technology can fundamentally transform safety standards at sea. What’s more its applications are almost limitless.”

Jon Roger Nesje, CEO, says that he expects the offshore, energy and merchant shipping sectors to be the first to seize on the potential of In:Range, but that other sector markets and uses will develop rapidly.

“Cruise for example,” he states. “If passengers were issued with In:Range technology upon boarding then the crew would always be able to find and assist them when required. The system can also be used as a simple, reliable and incredibly powerful platform for wireless data exchange. Equipment that gathers data, such as smart ropes or condition monitoring systems, can use In:Range to transmit data straight to the bridge, giving officers real-time insights and leading to safer, more effective and efficient operations. This can be used as the cornerstone of smart ships – it can empower the shipping industry of tomorrow.”

In:Range has undergone extensive testing and will have completed rigorous pilot tests on a number of vessels, including North Sea Shipping’s North Sea Giant, before its official launch at the end of 2018.

To ensure privacy for those wearing the transmitters, the system’s default setting is ‘sleep’, springing to life in a range of situations, such as when alarms are sounded, the wearer presses a button, or movements are made that show distress. The system is robust, reliable and, despite its advanced nature and artificially intelligent data transmission and capturing capabilities, simple to operate and maintenance free.

* Article posted by Sarah Carter / ShipInsight

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